Headwaters Mental Health offers in-person nature-based sessions in the White Mountain Region of NH as well as Telehealth therapy for New Hampshire and Maine residents. 

Nature-based sessions facilitate embodiment, grounding, mindfulness, resilience, self-confidence, and an inner sense of safety. Telehealth is an effective and convenient option for those with busy schedules, transportation barriers, physical limitations, or those who simply prefer to meet from the comfort of home. 

Regardless of where we meet, I will work with you to better understand past events and discover inner strengths so you can become an agent of change in your own life and foster greater emotional, cognitive, and relational well-being. We will collaborate to develop the nervous system capacity and resilience needed to overcome challenging situations and to more fully enjoy your life.

Get in touch to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see if Headwaters Mental Health is the right therapeutic fit for you.